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I personally think that one of the funniest things in life is that everyone likes to help the helpless, but no one wants to help those who help themselves.Well, except for God I suppose; since itís supposed to say somewhere in one of those books that God helps those who help themselves.

Take the whole Ďdamsel in distressí syndrome.Imagine, if you will, that thereís some average (yet attractive) girl whoís just going about her business when something crazy goes down.Okay, so itís (usually) not her fault, but does she have to figure out how to fix it?No.Does she have to manage on her own?No!Some powerful, worldly, rich AND attractive (most times devilishly attractive) man sweeps in and saves her.

Am I jealous?Hell yes!Who wants to be the girl that always manages to make due?Who wants to be the girl that gets overlooked because she always takes care of herself?No one, thatís who!I want to be the girl that someone cares about.I want to be the girl that someone will move heaven and earth to make happy, that someone will take care ofónot because I canít take care of myselfóbut because they worry about me.I donít want to have to be weak to be loved.

Because I donít think I can be weak like that and I do so desperately want to be loved.


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